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Thank you 

Let me start by saying this is not an aunt post but a wife post. I have only been married a few weeks but I know I have a truly amazing partner and best friend. 

When we met I was working full time and had two side jobs, babysitting. I was working so hard to get myself into school. He stood by and encouraged my dream and my determination, as I went through the process to get me GED and get into school. In the fall when I started, I was in school 15 hours a week and working my 3 jobs still. And on occasion I would have to be called in to close when my employees had problems. It was absolutely miserable. My then fiance told me to quit. He did not like seeing me stressed out and upset all of the time. Since November he has been supporting our life and paying our bills, so I can go to school. He makes sure I’m taken care of no matter what. He is truly amazing.

I am so blessed to have him. Thank you babe. 


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