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Beware These Videos

My niece has been able to work electronics since before she could walk. That is just something that happens in this day in age. We always watch what she is doing and she has parental controls on all of her apps. Her favorite app is YouTube Kids. She loves watching surprise egg videos and music videos. But a few months ago she watched something that scared her.

Before I go any further you have to keep in mind that my niece is 4 and although some of these things I talk about may not seem like a big deal to an adult, to a 4 year old it can be traumatizing.

My mother was watching my niece and nephew one day. And my niece had been casting videos to the TV, ( yes, she knows how to do that). If you have never seen it, YouTube Kids, has age restrictions and you can turn certain features on and off. This was an app we trusted and allowed her to play on freely after we had looked at it and played on it ourselves some. She was watching her usual surprise egg videos, and episodes of her shows. Then she casts a video of Peppa Pig to the big screen ( One of her favorite cartoon characters). My mom approves because she likes Peppa Pig too. It starts off and it is about Peppa going to the dentist. No big deal. But when Peppa is in the chair the dentist then proceeds to pull out a huge syringe and puts it into her mouth and you hear her scream and then the video ends.

My niece was screaming and crying. It was just a short little video but to her it was very scary. For a couple of months we could not mention YouTube, Peppa Pig, or the dentist without her breaking down into a panic attack. This is not a normal reaction for my niece. We tried to figure out what had happened for weeks but she could not tell us and all my mom thought was that she had watched a Peppa Pig episode. Yesterday I found an article on Movie Pilot that spoke of this exact video. Apparently this is a thing. Popular cartoon characters in videos that have some very mature content. My warning is to just pay attention to what kids are doing. Because some of these videos are still popping up even though there are filters and blocks up to protect you child. Make sure they do not get there hands on something the should not.


Movie Pilot: Article Here is the Link to the Movie Pilot Article






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