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Mr. & Mrs.

This weekend on March 25th I married my best friend. It so crazy the whole week leading up to the wedding but on the day of, I was just ready to start my life with my best friend. The best part of it was that our while family was there with all 3 of our nieces and our nephew. They ran around and had fun the whole time. They were the most adorable part. The 3 flower girls looked so beautiful in their white and blue flowered dresses as they danced their way down the aisle. And I couldn’t help but laugh when my nephew took his shoes off before he walked down the aisle. They made my day less stressful and more fun. I could not have done it without them. When it came time for the big send off my niece even ran around handing out bubbles to everyone. She was a great help. She even danced through the reception, even though no one else did. I just hope the made some memories that will last them. I know I sure did. 


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