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Bathroom Trip

If you have ever had to take a child out in public, you will relate to this. I absolutely love getting to take my nieces and nephew out, even if it’s just a trip to the gas station. But once we are in public I quickly remember all the reasons why taking toddlers to the store is hard, no matter how many adults are with you. 

Madie, my oldest niece. She is 4 and is mostly potty trained but has an occasional accident. Every time we walk into a store or just drive by a store she wants to go into, she has to potty. The other day I went to the store with her and my nephew,Marco, and their mom. I had to get my haircut then I told them I would meet them. When I found them, I realized I needed to go to the restrooms and of course Madie had to go to. We walked in and went to the stall in the very back. She races to the toilet and jumps up. She then starts to giggle and announced loudly that she had to poop. I shushed her and told her to hurry because I really had to go. She assured me that she would be quick. I started to quietly bounce up and down because I really had to go and Madie laughs at me. A few minutes go by and I realized my niece in fact did not have to go potty but was enjoying watching me dance around. I quickly removed her from the toilet and we finished up in the bathroom. Sadly she has learned this very evil behavior from having 3 aunts. But she’s only 4, man are we in for it. 

I love this kid.


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