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Flower Girl Day

June 18 2016. That is the day I got engaged. I am so happy that I am going to marry Shaun, the man of my dreams. Of course we told our families as soon as possible and started work on the wedding plans immediately. Our biggest problem was figuring out the flower girl. Shaun has a niece who, at the time, was 4 and I had two nieces, one 3 and the other 1. We love them all equally so decided to have a flower girl trio. My oldest niece Madie was overwhelmed with excitement and Shaun’s niece being a tomboy was happy but not as joyful. I knew from the being that I want the girls to be as involved in the wedding process as much as possible. I want them to have pictures and memories for their wedding days. Boy was I asking for it.

Madie enjoys every little bit of it. She makes sure her opinion and thoughts are heard about decision. We decided the colors should be blue and silver but she thinks pink and purple are better.  We think  its cute that she wants to be involved with all the big girl decisions. Next thing we knew she asked me to be the bride at HER “Flower Girl Day”. She  wakes up and asks me if it is her flower girl day yet and We have to explain to her that the Wedding Day is several months away. She is disappointed that it is not moving fast enough. Having her here through the process though, is fun.

The best time was when we went to look at wedding dresses. I brought my mom and 2 of my sisters and Madie. The first thing she did was run up to the wall of mirrors and started dancing. She stared at her reflection and made silly faces. She strutted back and forth watching herself the whole time. She was having fun. When I started trying on dresses she would come up and tell us what she thought.  She was enjoying her time in the dress store but by the time we decided for her to try on some dresses she had had enough. She insisted on wearing a hot pink dress even though we told her it would not work. So she decided she was done. She must have danced herself out.

The big Flower Girl day is just a little over a month away. March 25th and she is excited. She has made it clear to me that the spotlight will be on her and to be honest I would not want to share my spotlight with anyone else. I love  being an aunt. I love my niece. Now I just have to explain to her that she cannot marry the groom.



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